Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mother-Ease Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway Ends 11/16 (US & Canada)

Mother-ease Cloth Diapers is unlike any cloth diapering company I have ever heard of! There are so many cool things about them that I can't wait to share with you. I know that a lot of you cloth diapering parents are very "green". Mother-ease is as green as it gets! They have been manufacturing cloth diaper systems using 100% green power in their Canadian production facility since 1991. They also offer very high quality leak free diapers. Their fabrics and designs are very innovative and patent protected! They can't be found anywhere else.

You can imagine my excitement when Mother-ease sent me a Wizard Uno diaper to review and also offered an opportunity for my readers at Brookie's Baby Bargains to win one! I was pretty anxious to try the Mother-ease Cloth Diapers Wizard Uno because it is different than any other diaper I have tried. The Mother-ease Wizard Uno is truly an all in one! I didn't have to snap anything in, stuff (or un-stuff before washing), or cover anything. The diaper is ready to go as is (after washing of course).

I usually try to stick with pocket diapers because of drying time and the ability to add extra absorbency. Then I discovered the Wizard Uno!!! The unique design allows for quick drying time and the option to add in extra absorbency! This is not something I have ever seen in an all in one. Because the absorbent inside material is not attached in the middle of the diaper (see photo) you can add more absorbency, still have fast drying, and be able to wash it more thoroughly than other all in ones.

The inner material is unlike any material I have ever seen in a cloth diaper. It is a specially designed stay dry fabric. Upon contact moisture is immediately drawn through the pores to the inner absorbent core. The stay dry fabric is very soft and easy to clean. Because I have the best luck ever (not) my baby decided to poop the very first time she wore this diaper! I was not at home either and didn't get a chance to rinse it for over 3 hours! I am happy to report that it came right off and looked completely new after washing (and my daughter is known to stain a diaper or 2 on a regular basis). The ultra high tech core is especially designed to be super absorbent. It is patent protected and available only to Mother-ease. It will absorb 1.7 times the amount of any competing absorbent insert (by weight.) Since the absorbent core is so effective the Uno fits super slim and still provides the absorbency you need. The material does a good job of keeping M's skin dry. It seems to keep her much more dry than the microfleece that is inside most of her diapers.

M did not have any leaks while wearing this diaper. She even had a few situations that would have been "blow outs" in another diaper. Everything stayed in! This diaper is basically leak proof because the design creates 2 leg gussets and it has a soft binding on the entire outside edge of the diaper.
The Wizard Uno is offered in sizes XSmall, Small, Medium, and Large. Because of the high quality of these diapers, the cost is on the higher end for a cloth diaper ($23.50-$28.95 depending on the size). Because they are sized, you would need to get a full stash in each size. This might not be your most cost effective option. This diaper can be saved for a night time diaper or for when you need something completely leak proof. The good news is that Mother-ease offers a more cost effective option! They have a one-size Wizard diaper in the EasyStuff style that will keep things at a lower cost, but you can still experience this unique design!

Use 100% green power 
All in one - no snapping, stuffing or covering
Can still add extra absorbency
Still dries quickly
Amazing stay-dry material only available from Mother-ease
2 leg gussets and soft binding make it leak proof
Slim and trim fit

Comes in sized options, rather than one size
Price is a little high to build an entire stash in each size
I'd like to see more color and print options

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