Thursday, August 11, 2011

bumGenius 4.0

Here is a pic of baby M in the very first cloth diaper that she ever wore. I am in love with this pic. The print is the Eiffel Tower print from the bumGenius 4.0 Artist Series by Chelsea Perry. The bumGenius 4.0 is a microfiber pocket diaper. All of our bumGenius 4.0s are in snaps, but they are available in alpix as well. They come in a wide variety of colors and in the Artist Series prints. This diaper is one size, so it adjusts with your baby as they grow! So, you only need to buy 1 size and it will fit your baby from newborn to potty training!

I will admit, the very first time that she wore this diaper, we had a leak! I was bummed since I bought 12 of these diapers on a sale and was crossing my fingers that they would be great. Well, turns out that the leak was because I was new to cloth and didn't know how tight to put the diaper on. Since then, we have had no leaks with this diaper, and it is a good thing since we have 12 of them! We have been using this diaper for months now and it takes up over half of our stash, and that is a good thing since we love this diaper.

  • This diaper is a little bit bulky for my taste
  • I do currently have one of these in the wash right now with a pretty bad stain on it from a fun "would have been a blowout if we didn't use cloth" that won't seem to lift

  • The colors and prints are gorgeous
  • It comes in snaps which I love, it is a perfect fit for my average sized baby bum
  • It is one size and will fit until potty training
  • It rarely leaves red marks on her chubby little legs, there is no gap at the top between the diaper and her tummy
  • It is a very affordable diaper! Less than $18 for a brand name, reputable, pocket diaper. YES PLEASE! 
  • This diaper comes with a free newborn insert that can be used as a doubler as well, which makes it a great night diaper. These diapers also come with a warranty!!!

They are on sale at Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique through August 2011 for the same deal that I got when I bought mine, BUY 5 GET 1 FREE!!!! As always, Shipping in the US is FREE too!

If you are reading this after the sale, or just want to buy one, buy yours on today! 

Check out the bumGenius website for more info about this diaper.

I was not provided anything for free to write this review. I purchased this diaper.