Monday, November 7, 2011

Lotus Bums Review and Giveaway! Ends 11/9

I am thrilled to present Lotus Bumz to all of you. Lotus Bumz is a new cloth diapering company that just launched last month! It was started by a work at home mom, Lorain (read more about Lorain and how she started Lotus Bumz HERE). She makes "the adorable affordable"! With cloth diapers available in an assortment of fun colors and prints for between $10-11, that couldn't be more true!

Lotus Bumz sent me their "Rock Star Red" one size pocket cloth diaper to review. My first thought upon ripping the package open out of excitement, was that the print was very patriotic. I am excited for M to be able to wear it for the 4th next year! It is also a cute print that she can wear year round. They also offer the star print in purple and green and a monkey print in pink or blue. 
The outer material is a shiny PUL to prevent leaks. The inside lining is made of Suedecloth. There are 3 rows of adjustment snaps to allow the diaper to fit until potty training, which I love! It has hip snaps to prevent the sides from drooping and causing leaking. It has waist tab overlaps for an extra small waist, which I also love and was a feature I was using on any diaper that I could until M just recently grew a little bigger. This feature also makes it so that you can fold your diaper up and snap it closed extra tight after a diaper change if you are out and about and forget a wetbag. Each diaper includes one 3-layer microfiber insert. 

This diaper worked really well for baby M. She was able to do her usual thing (roll, scoot, bounce, wiggle and move) without any leaks! This is a feature I really look for in a diaper. One thing I hate the most is when a diaper leaks if my baby is being really active. So, I was happy to see that it held up to M's wiggle and bounce test! She also had no red marks on her legs after the diaper was changed. This is another issue that is common with baby M. She has a tiny waist and bigger thighs. So, when a diaper is adjusted to fit around her waist, it is usually too small around her legs. This diaper was just tight enough on the legs to keep the leaks in, but didn't leave any red marks from being too tight. 

Don't mind the little bit of my bio-liner showing at the leg opening. She was wearing a little bit of rash salve (cloth safe), but I like to use a liner as well, just in case. 

  • PRICE! $10-11 per diaper is a STEAL
  • Hip snaps to prevent drooping and leaking
  • One size, fits until potty training
  • Waist tab overlaps for small waist and eliminates need for a wetbag
  • No leaks, even with my mover and shaker
  • No red marks on M's chubby little thighs
  • They have a black diaper, that is hard to find

  • I would like to see more color and print options

Buy it: Check out the Lotus Bumz website! They have a sale going on through November 22, Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!!!!! 

Win it: Check out the giveaway on my other blog, "Brookie's Baby Bargains" HERE

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