Friday, October 21, 2011

GoGreen Review and Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Whit and I will be helping Brooke out with a few reviews for the blog. I'm really excited to be able to provide some help when choosing diapers. I have an 8 months old baby girl. Mine and Brooke's girls were born 4 days apart. I have been cloth diapering C since she was in between 3-4 months old. I, like many other moms, went and am still going cloth diapering crazy! I love it!

GoGreen Champ 2.0 Diaper Review

I recently purchased 6 GoGreen Champs and I absolutely love them. Go Green Champs are a one size pocket diaper with a microfiber insert. The outer is either 100% polyester knit or micro velour with a hidden layer of PUL.
C is at an awkward sizing in some other diapers we have so I needed to get more diapers that would fit her. She's about 17 lbs now, average on the waist sizing with some chunky legs. These diapers fit her amazingly well. I don't have to tug on the waist tabs to get them tight enough to have a secure fit and the snaps are quick and easy to get secure. The fabric is soft and the minky isn't too fluffy to cause extra bulk. There is a double gusset on the inside that helps keep in really crazy messes. There is a double ended opening which is great for Dads who want to help stuff diapers. The insert snaps in to the front allowing the insert to fit just right. When you have a messy diaper just simply unsnap the insert in the front and it will agitate out in the wash! The double row of snaps provide a better fit when you have a skinnier waist but chunky legs. The hip snaps help eliminate wing droop when on a smaller setting and the cross over snaps allow the diaper to fit smaller babies and are great to roll up and secure the diaper for when you forget your wetbag. They come in great colors (some I have yet to see in other brands) and some fun prints! Some of the solid colors come with rainbow snaps. Again, a great help for dads when they aren't sure what setting to put the diaper on. Just follow the colors.

Double Gusset inner- keeps in the messiest diapers.
Hips Snaps- Help to prevent wing droop when on smaller settings
Double row of snaps- Allows for a customized fit
Double opening-Allows insert to agitate out in the wash! No touching wet inserts
Snap in insert- Keeps the insert right where it should be
Colored Snaps- Helps dads putting on diapers, and they are cute!
PUL front pocket- the wet stays in the diaper
Cross over tabs- smaller size settings and the diaper can be folded up and snapped for storage
Various colors and prints- Some I haven't seen other brands use

Double Gusset inner- I haven't had any issues with it but I have heard that the messes can get stuck in between the gussets causing difficulty in spraying.
non sizable insert- With other brands the insert will grow with the diaper. This insert isn't adjustable.
Colored snaps- If you have a boy you may not want purple snaps.

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  1. Yay! Thanks Whit! I love the review! I can't wait to get more of them on here now that you are helping me! I need to get going on mine too! Maybe that will be my project for the week. :)