Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Buns Up Baby Cloth Diapers - Review & Giveaway Ends 10/7

Buns Up Baby is a cloth diaper company based out of Canada. Amber, is a cloth diapering mother herself who started Buns Up Baby as a way for parents to find quality cloth diapers at an affordable price
(ONLY $9-$10 EACH!!!!). Those of you that cloth diaper your babies know that some of the brand name diapers are $20+ a piece! Buns Up Baby provides a cloth diaper that is well made and affordable (and in my personal opinion, very cute). Amber hopes to help people see that cloth diapering isn't as complicated and time consuming as they may think. Buns Up Baby diapers are eco-friendly, wallet friendly, and also mom (and dad too) friendly!
After seeing Buns Up Baby featured on another blog, I contacted Amber to see if I could review her diapers as well and host a giveaway for my readers. I was ELATED when she said yes. I jumped for joy when I received my Buns Up Baby diaper in the mail. Fluffy mail is one of my favorite things in the world. I also got to pick the print that I wanted for the diaper. There were SO MANY color and print choices that it was very hard to decide. The diaper that I chose to review is the adorable "Zainey Zebra" print in the "Minkee Buns Pocket Diaper". Baby M just looks adorable in animal prints, so I couldn't wait to get it prepped and in action!

Buns Up Baby diapers are a one size pocket diaper. They have snaps to adjust the size to fit from 8-35 pounds! Their diapers are available in minkee (a soft fuzzy material lined with PUL) and silky (polyester knit lined with PUL) materials. The outer layer lined with PUL replaces the need for the plastic diaper covers of the past (that your grandma hated), however, this material still allows for airflow. The inside of the diaper is lined with a soft microfleece that wicks moisture away from your baby's bottom. Between the outside layer and the microfleece lining is an insert pad. Each diaper comes with one insert. Simply slide the insert into in an opening in the back of the diaper between the two layers (the pocket). The insert pad is comprised of three layers of microterry and is 33cm x 13.5cm. You can add more inserts if you would like more absorbency (such as for a night diaper).

The first thing I loved about this diaper when putting it on was how it looked on my baby. It has a soft minkee fabric in a very fun print. It also has a trim fit, so her clothes still fit over it, yet it was still absorbent. I have found that some of my trimmer fitting diapers look great, but leak. This diaper looks great and also holds it all in. I used this diaper on my baby for over 4 hours the first time we used it (she took a VERY long nap while wearing it). We had no leaks, no red marks, no rash, NO PROBLEMS. I have washed and re-used this diaper several times and have had no issues at all. I was a bit worried with an amazing price of only $10 each, that I would run into the same problem that I have run into with other affordable diapers, that it would eventually leak. But, so far so good! The diaper seems to withstand through washing and use without any problems.

One of the reasons that this diaper is so resistant to leaks and also doesn't leave red marks on baby's skin is that it has many snap options to ensure a perfect fit. It has adjustable rise snaps so that it will fit baby as they grow in length, hip snaps for a great fit around baby without gaps near the legs, and a double row of snaps across the top. The double row across the top is great for a skinny baby! For someone who is new to cloth, this may seem like too many snaps and may seem intimidating, but - once you get the fit right once, you will know how it fits baby and it will be a breeze. I would much rather have a diaper that fits perfectly and has a lot of snaps! The amount of snaps also allows for the diaper to continue to fit perfectly as baby grows and changes. 

Another great feature that I found in this diaper was the placement of the pocket opening. On ALL of my other pocket diapers, the pocket is located more on the inside and doesn't keep the insert in place as well and has annoying fabric that bunches up in the back. With the back placement of the pocket, I almost couldn't even find where to place the insert, I thought to myself for a moment "Is this an all in one diaper? I thought it was a pocket diaper?". That is how hard to see the pocket opening is, and that is a good thing. The opening is large enough to slide the insert in with no problems, but is small enough that it is hard to see and doesn't cause the insert to move or cause bunching in the back of the diaper.

  • Affordable price
  • Made by a mom who uses cloth and understands a parent's needs
  • CUTE design and prints
  • Trim fit
  • No leaks
  • Pocket placement
  • Ability to add more into the pocket to reach desired absorbency
  • Perfect fit because of the amount of snaps
  • Many color and print choices

  • Amount of snaps may seem overwhelming to someone new to CD
  • No option for hook and loop if snaps are not preferred

Want a Buns Up Baby diaper of your own? 

Buy: You can purchase them HERE.

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